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While there are many experiences and skills that veterans bring to the table after serving their country, there are many benefits to providing additional training and education to veterans.

We at Veterans Molding Minds understand this and aim to provide the best veteran training in Atlanta, Georgia. Call us today to learn more.

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The Need for Veteran Training

Most people, including homeless citizens, youth, veterans, and returning citizens, believe that many job opportunities are available to them. While this is true to some extent, some individuals have difficulty fitting into the expectations of corporate etiquette and soft skills development.

This has resulted in many individuals losing their jobs or having difficulty even making it through the interview process.

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How Can P.R.E.P Help?

At Veterans Molding Minds, we want to help veterans and returning citizens have success in finding and keeping jobs. That’s why we have has come up with our P.R.E.P. Program, which is a four-day, impact-training course. This course is specifically designed for people who want or need vocational training.

We have introduced a three-point strategy that supports workplace communication skills, goal setting, therapeutic learning, and high-demand skills assessment sessions to educate and train individuals on leadership skills, problem-solving, anger management, and more. We believe that this process should be a prerequisite for everyone. So call us today to learn more about what we do!

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Veterans Molding Minds believes that veteran job training holds immense importance and should be available quickly. We do this by implementing various programs such as the Veteran Assistance Program and soft-skills training for veterans. Contact us to learn more.

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