PROBLEM-Many Soldiers transitioning out of the military has an misconception of the amount of job opportunities available for them based on their military training. Soldiers reintegrating into the civilian world have not had the opportunity to complete a proper civilian soft skills adjustment period. This has caused some Veterans to have an issue readjusting into the civilian workforce and lifestyle. 
The military dedicate nine weeks  to convert civilians into Soldiers. During this time you are away from your family, friends and love ones and relocated in a remote training environment. This same process has to be reversed in order to changeover the Soldier's military soft skills back to civilian soft skills and understanding civilian culture.

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Save our Vets

The first 90 days of separation from service is the most crucial period where the transformation process begins. If we can be proactive instead of reactive, we could reduce the suicide rate, divorce rate, many cases of anxiety and depression and prevent some of our Veterans from homeless situations. 

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